Training And Placement Cell

The goal of the Training & Placement Cell of the Institute is to provide employment opportunities and world class training to students of the Institute in leading organizations.

Training and Placement Activities :
  • Seminars are organised and conducted on various technical topics as Industrial Automation, Experimental investigation of the effect of backpressure on C.I engine performance, Nuclear power generation, Rational Rose and its application, CAD/CAM design and analysis, Cyber security etc to update students with recent trends in the field of Technology.
  • TPC organised many more seminars on “Abroad studies”, “Placement interviews and Grooming of Personality”, “Campus Recruitment Training Programme” and mock interviews, aptitude tests, group discussion etc. to encourage students for abroad studies and placement preparation.
  • Seminars are regularly conducted branch wise on GATE preparation, Carrier guidance, GRE and its scope etc for keeping students updated and thus making them ready for future adventures.
Companies visiting us :

The Placement drive of the following companies are arranged by TPC from time to time:

Vishal tubes and pipes Pvt. Ltd, Spectrum planning services and many more…..

T & P Team :

The TPC staffs members assist in arranging Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Group Discussions, and Interviews etc. as per the requirements of the Organizations. The members of the team are :-

  1. Prof.Mukund Kavekar (T&P In-Charge)
  2. Prof.A.Jyothi Kumari (Communication Skills)
  3. Prof. Surendra Pal (Mechanical Engg)
  4. Prof. Anas Dange (I.T Engg)
  5. Prof. Vikas Sharma (Computer Engg)
  6. Prof. Amjad Ali (Elect &Telecom Engg)
  7. Prof. Vijay Kumar Ghanokar (Electronics Engg)
  8. Prof.Prashant Priyadarshi(Industrial Liaison)