Science & Humanities

The Department of Science & Humanities mainly comprises of various branches such as Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry & Communication Skills. These subjects are the important part of the curriculum for the students of First year Diploma Course.

There are well established Physics & Chemistry Labs which gives practical exposure to students in the fields of Applied Sciences. The department also owns a Communication Lab for English Language tutorial session which helps the students in improving their communication.

The department consists of young and energetic team of dedicated faculty members most of whom are highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization.


  • List of Faculty Members
  • Lab Facilities
  • Achievements
Sr. No Name of Faculty Applied Science & Humanities Designation / Department
1 Prof. Manyar Abid Sk Shabbir Lecturer - Chemistry
2 Mrs. Anupama Karanjekar Lecturer - Maths
3 Prof. Kazi Azeemuddin S. Lecturer - Physics
4 Prof. Ambuj Tiwari Lecturer - Physics
5 Prof. Furqan Hassan Lecturer - Electronics
6 Prof. Subhash Vitthal Pawar Lecturer - Comm. Skills
7 Prof. Nilesh Dhale Lecturer - Comm. Skills
Non-Teaching Faculty
8 Mrs. Sulbha Ghadge Assistant - Chemistry
9 Mrs. Vaishali Patil Assistant - Physics
10 Mr. Shahebaz shaikh Attendant
Sr. No Name of Lab Lab In charge
1 Physics Lab Prof. Kazi Azeemuddin S.
2 Chemistry Lab Prof. Manyar Abid Shabbir
3 Mechanics Lab Prof. Momin Akhtarhusen S.
4 Electrical Engineering Lab Prof. Furqan Hassan
5 Drawing Hall Prof. Dnyaneshwar Chavan
Branch Name of Student Percentage
F.Y.- ME Bhadarka Rahul 84.15%
Lohar Akshay 81.39%
Pansara Ganesh 76.00%
F.Y. – CO Chauhan Sangram 67.69%
Sushmita Anil Pathak 67.23%
Upada Pooja Jaydas 65.23%
F.Y. - CE Rawat Mansi Devendra 73.54%
Ansari Saud Ahmad 69.39%
Mulla Amir Hamza