Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has started B. E. degree programme in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 students. But with the increase in demand for Mechanical Engineering the intake was increased to 120 students in the year 2011-12.

The department is equipped with fully established labs that are very beneficial to the students to get deep insight and practical knowledge of the subject. Industry-institute interaction is a regular phenomenon of this department. Talks, workshops and seminars on different technological aspects and emerging trends are conducted at regular intervals to keep students updated with industry requirements and practices.

The Department is supported with a team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced Faculty. They strive for over all development of the students.


  • List of Faculty Members
  • Lab Facilities
  • Achievements
> Mr.Rupesh Sankhe
Sr. No Name of Faculty Mechanical Engineering Designation
1 Prof.Sunny Nanade Asst. Professor & HOD
2 Prof. Pushkariny B.H. Asst. Professor
4 Prof.Ravi Satyadev Prasad Verma Asst. Professor
5 Prof. Ansari Zaid A. Jaliluddin Asst. Professor
6 Prof. Juned Sidat Asst. Professor
7 Prof. Ansari Zaid Ahmad J. Asst. Professor
8 Prof. Syed Ashfaq Asst. Professor
9 Prof. Sayed Layak Babamiya Asst. Professor
9 Prof. Khan Rehan Wasim Asst. Professor
9 Prof. Jamadar Mahammadumar Mustaqahmad Asst. Professor
9 Prof. Amit Arun Mane Asst. Professor
10 Prof. Rambabu Prasad Asst. Professor
11 prof. pramod r maurya Lecturer
12 prof. Ahire Harshal Madhukar Lecturer
13 prof. Momin Afsana Abdulrauf Lecturer
14 prof. Abdul Gani Abdul Rehman Lecturer
15 prof. Pankaj Kumar Singh Lecturer
16 prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Imran Lecturer
17 prof. Prashant Abhinanyu Tayade Lecturer
18 prof. Galwade Nitin Vijay Lecturer
19 prof. Mansuri Juberbhai Usmangani Lecturer
21 prof. Santosh Dubey Lecturer
22 prof. Patil Chhaya Shamrao Lecturer
23 prof. Shakir Hussain Anwar Hussain Lecturer
24 prof.Roshan Chindu Vani Lecturer
25 prof. Desai Nikhil Deepak Lecturer
26 prof. Suraj Wankhade Lecturer
27 prof. Shaikh Mujeeb Sharfoddin Lecturer
27 prof. Pramod Vishwakarma Lecturer
27 prof. Abdul Nadeem Abdul Basit Lecturer
Non-Teaching Faculty
28 Mr. Roshan Vade Fitter
29 Mr.Khan Waheed Yunus Lab Assistant
30 Mr Pathan Nadirkhan Mehabubkhan Lab Assistant
31 Mr. Ravindra Dawane Welder
32 Mr. Shaikh Shakil S. Jalil Lab Assistant
33 Mr.Anees Ahmad Shafeeque Ahmad Lab Assistant
34 Mr.Nilesh Garg Lab Assistant
35 Mr. Harshal Bhalchandra Sankhe Lab Assistant
36 Mr.Jadhav Balaji Anandrao Lab Assistant
37 Mr. Arun Dilip Kesade Lab Assistant
38 Mr. Sandesh Sainath Patil Attendant
39 Mr.Sandesh Sainath Patil Attendant
40 Mr.Rupesh Sankhe Attendant
41 Mr. Hitesh Pramod Sankhe Attendant
42 Mr.Sachin Prabhudas Meshram Carpentar
Sr. No Name of Lab Lab In charge
1 FM & HMC Lab Prof. Surendra Janak P.
2 SOM Lab Prof. Pushkariny B.H.
3 TOM Lab Prof. Ravi Verma
4 HMT & Thermal Lab Prof. Pramod Maurya
5 Mechatronics Lab Prof. Pankajkumar S.
6 ICE Lab Prof. Dheeraj B. Raut
7 WORKSHOP Prof. Shakil Tadavi
8 MMM Lab Prof. Mukund Kavekar
9 Mechanics Lab Prof. Ahire Harshal M.
10 CAD/ CAM Lab Prof. Sunny Nanade
11 RAC Lab Prof. Saria Sayeed
12 Mechanical Vibration Lab Prof. Qureshi Arshad
Rank Name of Lab Percentage Class
1st Hon Yogesh Dharama 72% Distinction
2nd Mathukia Nilesh Ranchodbhai 70.29% Distinction
3rd Pathan Farheenjahan S. 68.76% Distinction