Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology has started B. E. Degree course in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students. In addition to subjects prescribed by University of Mumbai as a part of curriculum, such as Data Structure and Algorithms, Internet Programming, Database Systems, Mobile Computing, Image Processing etc., the Department provides strong exposure to emerging technologies like Open Source Software.

The department is having spacious well-equipped laboratories with high configuration systems. Student work on different platforms like Windows XP & 7, Linux during their practicals. Internet facility 4 MBPS connected by OFC Network / Wi-Fi Connectivity for the Students & the Staff members.

Dedicated staff, makes this department an interesting place for students to learn easily & effectively.


  • List of Faculty Members
  • Lab Facilities
  • Achievements
Sr. No Name of Faculty Information Technology Designation
1 Prof. Harshal Patil Asst. Professor & HOD
2 Prof. Sneha R. Sankhe Asst. Professor
4 Prof. Krunal Pimple Asst. Professor
4 Prof. Shaikh Ahmad Husen Asst. Professor
3 Prof. Khalil Nabab Pinjari Lecturer
5 Prof. Syed Tanzeem Lecturer
6 Prof. Ansar Ahmed Shaikh Lecturer
7 Prof. Archana Nanade Lecturer
8 Prof. Ansar Ahemad Shaikh A. Lecturer
9 Prof. Koshti Sphurti Khandu Asst. Professor
11 Prof. Azhar Nabi Asst.Prafessor
Non-Teaching Faculty
13 Ms. Agarwal Prerna Assistant
14 Ms. Hemlata Jangle Assistant
15 Mr. Altaf Mohd. Kazi Assistant
16 Ms. Shweta Parshuram P. Assistant
17 Mr. Pramod B. Bhone Attendant
Sr. No Name of Lab Lab In charge
1 Web Engineering Lab Prof. Shabnam N. Noorani
2 DBMS Lab – 1 Prof. Mubaraq Jamadar
3 DBMS Lab – 1
4 Project Lab Prof. Krunal Pimple
5 MATLAB Lab Prof. Ansari Zaid A. Rashid
Rank Name of Lab Percentage Class
1st Saini Preeti Chainsingh 75% Distinction
2nd V G Pranay Gireesan 73.60% Distinction
3rd Mistry Roshni Harish 73.46% Distinction