Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering has started B. E. Degree course in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students. The goal of this course is to impart best technological education to the students to match with the modern industry and also for the higher education. This course will help the students to bridge the gap between theory and practical aspects of technology.

The department has fully equipped labs with modern machines, tools and instruments cater to the needs of the futuristic technology.

The department has highly skill faculty members handling practical and theory who concentrate on every Industry requirements while training the students. The faculty also actively participates in workshops and research work.


  • List of Faculty Members
  • Lab Facilities
  • Achievements
Sr. No Name of Faculty - Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. Designation
1 Dr. N. K. Rana Professor
2 Prof. Khemchandra Attarde Asst. Professor & HOD
3 Prof. Saleem P. Chaudhary Asst. Professor
4 Prof. Syed Amjad Ali Asst. Professor
5 Prof. Rajesh M. Patil Asst. Professor
6 Prof. Nirajsingh R. Yeotikar Asst. Professor
7 Prof. Anup Kori Asst. Professor
8 Prof. Umesh Upadhyay Lecturer
9 Prof. Parag Pimple Lecturer
10 Prof. Sheetal Watkar Lecturer
11 Prof. Aditi Sandhu Lecturer
12 Prof. Rupali Lalpotu Lecturer
13 Prof. Vinod Dhande Lecturer
14 Prof. Divya Abhishek Parihar Lecturer
15 Prof. Lochan Prakash Bisne Lecturer
Non-Teaching Faculty
16 Mr. Manoj Mangrutkar Assistant
17 Mr. Anees Shaikh Assistant
18 Mr. Ansari Arif Sher M. Assistant
19 Mr. Gorakh Lokhande Attendant
Sr. No Name of Lab Lab In charge
1 E.D.C. Lab Prof. Rupali Lalpotu
2 Basic Comm. Lab Prof. Sheetal Watkar
3 Digital Comm. Lab Prof. Parag Pimple
4 Fibre Optics Comm. Lab Prof. Umesh Upadhyay
5 TV & Video Lab Prof. Aditi Sandhu
6 Digital signal Processing Lab Prof. Rajesh M. Patil
7 Antena & Microwave Lab Prof. Anup Kori
Rank Name of Lab Percentage Class
1st Mule Pradip Shrimant 83.09% Distinction
2nd Sonde Awez Mohd Hasan 75.94% Distinction
3rd Mishra Ekta Purushottam 74% Distinction