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Computer Engineering is a fascinating program, and one that is now indispensible in our lives.The department provides extensive computing resources for research and education.This includes more than 125 high-performance computers in the range of Linux, Windows. There is a separate departmental library with books, manuals and project reports.

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To be an Academic Excellence in delivering globally standard technical education with effective Teaching and Learning environment.


M1: To provide updated technical resources and platform for the student to take up the challenges of Digital World.
M2: To transform the student community into potential global technocrats and professionals with ethical and moral values to build a nation. M3: To inspire the students through collaborative learning process which offers the opportunities for long term interaction with Academics and Industry.

PO1: Engineering Knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and Computer Engineering to solve complex Engineering problems
PO2: Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex engineering problems to arrive at valid conclusions.
PO3: Design & Development of Solutions: Design and Develop System architecture, algorithm, hardware component, or Data Flow Diagram to meet desired needs with real time constraints.
PO4: Investigation of Complex Problem: Analyze algorithm, interpret data and calculate time and space complexity to arrive at valid conclusions.
PO5: Modern Tools Usage: Apply upgraded tools and techniques in modeling and design of Computer interface.
PO6: Engineer and Society: Apply the knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issue and consequent responsibilities to Computer Engineer.
PO7: Environment & Sustainability: Demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of an impact of engineering solution on environment and need for sustainable development
PO8: Ethics: Commit to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
PO9: Individual & Team work: Work effectively as an individual, and as a member or Team leader in different areas.
PO10: Communication: Effectively communicate, write report, design documentation and make presentations.
PO11: Project management & Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of management principles and apply them while managing projects.
PO12: Lifelong Learning: Recognize needs for and engage in learning, understanding, and applying new ideas in the context of technological change.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Engineering Graduates will be able to identify, formulate and solve real life complex engineering problems faced in corporate world by applying the knowledge gained during the course of the program from Mathematics, Basic Computing and Basic Sciences in general and from all computer science courses.
PSO2: Engineering Graduates will be able to accelerate Social Innovation for industrial and social needs.
PSO3: Engineering Graduates will be able to analyze and interpret data so as to work on multidisciplinary projects.
PSO4: Engineering Graduates will be able get employed in multinational companies or pursue higher education.

Programme Educational Objectives


Prof. Prashant Rathod

HOD, Computer Department

It is a pleasure to head the department of Computer Engineering. Computer Engineering Department has a team of experienced and motivated faculty members who are in process of influencing, inspiring and motivating young minds towards achieving success. The strength of the department is highly motivated student who upgrades their technical skill as per industry requirement. Special attention is given to the teaching learning process and several innovative programs including industrial training, independent minor and major projects, industry visits, and lectures by guest speakers are conducted regularly. The Department provides world class infrastructure with the state of the art computer labs equipped with licensed and latest software. The department provides computing facility for the students and faculties along with 50mbps Internet connectivity with wireless facility, which serves the college internet need.

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Teaching Staff

Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME, BE
Area of Interest:Web Programming,database,datawarehousing&mining
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME, BE
Area of Interest:Networking
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:M.Tech (CSE), BE (Computer)
Area of Interest:Database Technologies, Web Technology, Cloud Computing
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME COMP, BE COMP
Area of Interest:Cryptography&system Security,microprocessor,digital Forensic,computer Graphics
Qualification:BE IT
Area of Interest:Red Hat Linux,java Programming,network Security
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:BE COMP
Area of Interest:Database Technologies,software Engineering,java Programming
Area of Interest:
Designation:Asst Professor
Area of Interest:Theoretical Computer Science,algorithms,networking
Designation:Asst Professor
Area of Interest:Network Security
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME COMP(PUR), BE IT
Area of Interest:Web Security And Data Mining
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:M.TECH COMPUTER, BE IT
Area of Interest:Web Programming,data Mining
Designation:Asst Professor
Area of Interest:Data Mining

Non-Teaching Staff

Designation:Lab. Assistant
Qualification:Diploma (Computer)
Designation:Lab. Assistant
Qualification:M. Sc. (Computer)
Designation:Lab. Assistant
Qualification:B. E. (Computer)

  Name of the Laboratory                       Description

Hardware&networking Lab
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The main objective of the lab is to provide the students the knowledge of computer hardware, the processors, memories,motherboards, different networking cards, and other peripherals like printers, plotters and the scanners. The students are trained for the assembly,disassembly and connecting of PCs. Another important objective is to impart knowledge about the troubleshooting and finding faults in the computers and the peripherals.The lab is equipped with Intel I-3 3.10 ghz processor machines and necessary software tools.
Multimedia Lab
View Lab
The main objective of the lab is to provide the students the practical knowledge of design by having hands on practice on web technology.The lab is equipped with Intel Dual Core 3.10 ghz processor machines and necessary software tools.
Open Source Software Lab
View Lab
This lab is used for conducting practicals based Programming methodology and Internet Technology. The lab is equipped with Intel Dual Core 3.00 ghz processor machines and necessary software tools.
Data Structure & Algorithm Lab
View Lab
The lab is designed for conducting practicals based on data structures, Object Oriented Programming ,artificial intelligence and Expert System The main objective of lab is to provide practical environment to encourage the students for developing practical skills.The lab is equipped with Intel I-3 3.10 ghz processor machines and necessary software tools.
Object Oriented Analysis And Design Lab
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This lab is being used as the informal basis for the conceptual design of interactivesystems. Given recent advances in the development of object-oriented modeling languages and methodologies, it is now time to re-evaluate the role of object modeling during the process of user interface design.The lab is equipped with Intel I-3 3.10 ghz processor machines and necessary software tools.

Notice Board

  • Publications by Staff
  • Rathod Prashant Harising

    Presented a paper entitled "Biometric Keyless Car Unlocking System" in the event "MULTICON" in March - 2018

  • Siddiqui Mohd Ashraf Munazir Rehman

    Published a paper entitled "Mobile Data Encryption & Decryption Application Based On Cloud" in "" in March - 2017

  • Shah Waseem Sultan Qaisar Parvez

    Published a paper entitled "Cutomer Relationship Management Based Customized System Development" in "IJCST" in - 2017

  • Thakur Vivek Anand

    Published a paper entitled "People Safty App Belife" in "IJCST" in February - 2017

  • Students Achievements
  • Namrata Kadam won 1 St Prize in the event Universal Intercollege Technical Paper Presentation held at Universal College Of Engineering in 2017

  • Namrata Kadam won 2nd Prize in the event Intercollege Personality Pagaent held at Tima , Lions Club Of Tarapur in 2017

  • Umesh Yadav won 1 St Prize in the event National 3d Gamedesigning Championship held at Iit Bombay in 2015

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