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The department of Automobile engineering has been established with a vision to achieve excellence in the field of automobile and educate students in the area of automobile engineering that will meet the need of industries. The department consists of young and energetic faculties. Besides the routine academic work, the faculties are also engaged in research work and present papers in national conferences and seminars. The department enriches the students with higher technical knowledge and develop their personality to sustain in competitive industrial environment. Apart from the above the department is actively functioning in SAE and associated activities. Every year team of students are been selected for SAE SUPRA formula race car construction and ISK Go-Kart.

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To provide high quality technical and professional education to all for making empowered Automobile Engineers to contribute for Global Demand.


M1:To inculcate recent technological developments in students through use of world class learning and research facilities.
M2:To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with automotive industry through teaching-learning process.
M3:To impart knowledge to students in the state of art designing and simulation of vehicle with better safety and less pollution according to emission standards.

A graduate of Automobile engineering program will be able to:
PO1: Engineering Knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and fundamental engineering concepts to solve complex Automobile Engineering problems.
PO2: Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, analyse and solve complex Automobile Engineering problems.
PO3 : Design / Development of Solutions: Design a system component or processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, public health and safety and manufacturability.
PO4: Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems: Design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyse data, synthesize the information to provide conclusion.
PO5: Modern Tool Usage: Identify, select and apply modern techniques, resources and tools for modelling complex Automobile Engineering problems.
PO6: The Engineer and Society: Understand the impact of Automobile Engineering solutions in a global, economic and societal context.
PO7: Environment and Sustainability: Understand the influence of Automobile Engineering solutions on society and to build suitable environment for sustainable development.
PO8: Ethics: Understand the professional and ethical responsibility of Automobile Engineer.
PO9: Individual and Team Work: Function effectively both as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams.
PO10: Communication: Communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
PO11: Project Management and Finance: Research towards the usage of the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
PO12: Life-long Learning: Recognize the importance of lifelong learning required for Automobile Engineering.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Students will be able to apply design and development principles to provide solutions in Machine Design, Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering field to meet the desired needs.
PSO 2: Students will be able to use vehicles design data, vehicle dynamics and safety characteristics to design the futuristic automobile system subjected to ethical, societal constraints.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To acquire fundamental technical knowledge and develop essential proficiency in varied areas of basic science and mathematics to grow the knowledge prospect and inculcate lifelong learning.
PEO 2: To develop understanding of core Automobile areas such as Vibration, Thermal Engineering, Design of automotive system and Autotronics to meet the automobile industry challenges.
PEO 3: To acquire competency for interdisciplinary approach and research activities in areas of socio-technological issues like environment and sustainability.
PEO 4: To inculcate entrepreneurship, team work, leadership skills, problem solving and decision making skills by understanding contemporary issues with ethical values.

Prof. Wasim Khan

HOD, Automobile Department

It is my privilege to welcome all of you to the department of Automobile Engineering at Theem College of Engineering, Boisar.The department involves the understanding of Mechanics of Vehicle Chassis, Internal Combustion Engine, CAD and Maintenance of Automobile. Importance is given to quality teaching, ethical and enterprising values to be incorporated in our Academics.

Teaching Staff

Designation:Asst Professor & Head
Qualification:ME (Manufacturing System Engg.), BE (Automobile)
Area of Interest:Automotive System, Production Planning & Control, Quality Control, Total Quality Management, Manufacturing Technology
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME (Design), BE (Automobile)
Area of Interest:Design And Analysis, Automotive System, Manufacturing Technology
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:M.TECH (Automobile), B.TECH (Mechanical)
Area of Interest:Computational Fluid Dynamics(cfd), Automotive System, Design And Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Product Design And Development, Production Process
Qualification:BE AUTO MOBILE
Area of Interest:Thermal And Fluid Sciences, Design And Analysis, Manufacturing Technology, Automotive System
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:M.TECH (Automobile), BE (Mechanical)
Area of Interest:Automotive System, Regulatory Mechanism For Transport System, Biomechanics, Automotive Components Testing And Certification
Qualification:BE MECHANICAL
Area of Interest:Thermal And Fluid Sciences, Operation Research, Manufacturing Technology
Qualification:BE MECHANICAL
Area of Interest:Automotive System, Design And Analysis, Thermal And Fluid Sciences
Designation:Asst Professor
Qualification:ME (MECHANICAL), BE (Automobile)
Area of Interest:Cad Cam Cim, Automobile Engg, Machine Design -1
Designation:Asst Professor
Area of Interest:Thermal And Fluid Sciences, Computational Fluid Dynamics(cfd), Operation Research, Theory Of Machine

Non-Teaching Staff

Designation:Lab. Assistant
Qualification:B.E (Mech)
Designation:Lab Assistant
Qualification:I.T.I. (Diesel Mechanic)
Designation:Lab. Assistant
Qualification:Diploma (Mech)
Qualification:B. A.

  Name of the Laboratory                       Description

Automotive System Lab
View Lab
Automobile Lab established with the help of NAVNEET MOTORS AND BMW since then we have been able to renew and extend many automotive facilities.Tool Box with Specially designed handle for easy fit.. This laboratory is set to perform disassembly andassembly of automotive systems which includes detailed study about sub assemblies and function of different components.
I. C. Engine Lab
View Lab
This laboratory focuses on learning different CONCEPTS OF Internal Combustion Engine and its practical aspects, Such as Trial on Petrol / Diesel Engines as well as Performance for MORSE test.
Vehicle Maintenance
View Lab
This laboratory facilities were introduced in the year 2016 . Since then, components and systems of car were set to perform engine analysis and vehicle diagnostics that deal with the learning concepts including practical knowledge. The major equipments are Wheel Alignment machine, Wheel Balancing machine,OBD Scanner, Tyre changing machine and Fuel injection pump.
Autotronics Lab
View Lab
This laboratory focuses on basic study of electronic-components and systems of car Lead Acid Batteries, Battery chargers etc.
  • Publications by Staff
  • Khan Mohammed Wasim Raees

    Presented a paper entitled "Effect Of Lubrication Condition On Surface Roughness In End Milling Operation By Using Aisi P20" in the event "MULTICON CONFERENCE 2018 " in February - 2018

  • Sayyed Sarjeel Rafique Ahmad

    Published a paper entitled "Active Four Wheel Steering" in "IMPERIAL JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY" in March - 2017

  • Shaikh Mohammed Raees Abdul Waheed

    Published a paper entitled "Aerodynamic Analysis Of Vehicle Using Cfd" in "(IJRTER) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RECENT TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH" in March - 2017

  • Sall Nitin Balram

    Published a paper entitled "Analysis Of Vehicle Air Compressor Mounting Bracket" in "(IJRTER) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RECENT TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH" in - 2017

  • Mohd Mustaque Ahmed Mosleam

    Published a paper entitled "Design And Analysis Of Chassis Of Student Formula Race Car" in "(IJRTER) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RECENT TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH" in March - 2017

  • More Pratik Gajanan

    Published a paper entitled "Electronically Operated Valve System - Review" in "IJRMEE" in April - 2016

  • Students Achievements
  • Team Aviators won Participation Certificate in the event Supra held at Bic Noida New Delhi in 2018

  • Team Twisted Torque won Participation Certificate in the event Isk-2018 Go Kart held at Vishakapatnam in 2018

  • Team Chetak won Sixth Rank in the event Isk-2016 Go Kart held at Hyderabad in 2016

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